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PTS Aviation Offering One Serviceable CFM56-5A1F Engine – Available for Lease or Sale FEB 2021

PTS Aviation, Inc, is offering a serviceable CFM56-5A1F engine with extremely low time since the last performance restoration shop visit, available in February 2021….


PTS Aviation Offering One Serviceable CFM56-5B4/P Engine – Available for Lease or Sale Now

PTS Aviation, Inc, is offering a serviceable CFM56-5B4/P engine fresh from shop visit with a workmanship warranty, available now. Engine will be available for either lease, lease-to-purchase, or outright sale…


PTS Aviation Offering Three Unserviceable CFM56-7B24 Engines – Available for Sale or Exchange Now

PTS Aviation, Inc. is offering three unserviceable CFM56-7B24 Engines for sale, recently acquired from a North American Operator. Specific LLP and all Fan Blades and HPT Blades are low CSN and are fully traced back to birth.

Services Offered

Material Supply Programs

PTS Aviation, Inc. offers the unprecedented value of efficiently and effectively supplying high quality, high demand engine and aircraft Used Serviceable Material (USM).

Engine Shop Visit Management

Proper engine shop visit management controls and greatly affects the ultimate profitability of an engine owner and/or operator.

End of Life Solutions

PTS Aviation, Inc. continuously collaborates with airlines, operators, lessors, and aviation asset owners to provide both an exit and an end-of-life strategy for air frames and engines alike.

Sales/Lease/Exchange Solutions

By providing flexible engine and material sales, leasing, and exchange solutions, PTS Aviation is able to promote sustainable and substantial value and growth for their customers.

Repair Management Solutions

PTS Aviation, Inc. has an experienced and dedicated repair team to manage your products through a network of reliable and cost-effective MRO facilities.

Consignment Solutions

Comprehensive consignment solutions are offered in order to maximize the value of your asset or component package.

Technical Records and Inspections

Maximizing aircraft and engine residual values, PTS Aviation, Inc. has the expertise and knowledge to fully manage technical inspections, technical records, and technical documentation, all while complying with the most stringent of industry requirements.

Borescope Inspections

PTS Aviation, Inc. has accumulated many years of combined aviation experience in engine borescope inspection management and BSI “results analysis”. We leverage our knowledge and expertise for the primary purpose of “accurately valuating and properly procuring” whole engine assets. Contact PTS Aviation, Inc. for complete support on your next engine borescope inspection project.

Our primary focus is to provide customers with high quality aircraft engines and engine parts.


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